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Starboard Waterline Review

When we got our first batch of these boards last summer, they sold out almost immediately.  We knew these were going to be a favorite among flat-water paddlers, but we were unable to try one out for ourselves, until now, and we love this board!  The Water Line is everything you’d ever want in a…

Beginner Windsurf Lesson from a Beginner’s Perspective

Are you curious about taking windsurfing lessons and want to learn more? Well here is what it feels like to windsurf from a beginner’s perspective.  In hindsight, I have never done water sports in my life before windsurfing.  If you were wondering if you need to be athletic to windsurf, you do not. A lot…

North Beach Goes Northeast

How did we end up 1,300 miles away from sunny St. Pete teaching a wing clinic in Rhode Island?   As the newest toy on the beach, wing foiling has been growing like crazy and lots of people are giving it a go without having a local instructor. The crew in Rhode Island had been…

5 Questions on Buying a Windsurf Board

Buying a windsurfing board is an investment. It can be tricky—you want to find a board that you enjoy using, but you want to make sure you can afford it, too! There’s a lot to think about. To help, we’ve put together this list of tips and guidance for purchasing a windsurf board. 1. What’s…


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