Tips for Receiving your Board

Windsurfing, wing, and SUP boards (along with big size masts, booms, and sails) are too big for us to ship via UPS, FedEx or the US Mail. These items have to be sent via truck, and we generally use Pilot Freight. 

Freight shipping is a little different than Fedex or UPS. It can take a few extra days to get to you and the trucking company’s tracking isn’t as sophisticated. We will send you a tracking number, which is the Bill of Lading number (BOL#). You can get a rough idea of when it will arrive on by entering the BOL# here (you can leave the zip code and customer # fields blank):

If your shipment is delayed: If the tracking doesn’t show any information, your gear hasn’t arrived in the expected time frame, or you have any other problems – call us! We are happy to track down the details, let you know what is happening and help sort out any problems.

When you gear arrives:  You will either pick the gear up from the freight office or it gets delivered to your house.  You will need to inspect it and sign for it (they won’t just leave the boxes in your driveway if you aren’t home). Boards do occasionally get damaged in transit – so it is important to look your gear over carefully before you sign for it and note any damage on the BOL when you sign it. Often the cardboard box will look terrible, but the board inside will be fine. Rarely, the box will look great but the board will have damage. Make sure you check all packaging for the accessory package (which may include: vent screws, a dagger board, foot straps, or anything else we may have shipped you).

If there is damage to your gear: Note it on the BOL, take pictures of the damage and the packaging, and then give us a call, text or e-mail. We do place insurance on the gear that we ship and we will take care of filing the freight claim and either getting the board repaired or sending a replacement.

If items are missing: When you sign the BOL – check to make sure you received the expected number of boxes. If a box is missing, or a box is torn open and it looks like some of the contents may have fallen out –  make a note of it when you sign and then give us a call, text, or e-mail to let us know. We can often help get that sorted out from our end. Note: the accessory pack (which may include: vent screws, a dagger board, foot straps, or anything else we may have shipped you) may be concealed in the packaging and can sometimes be missed. It is a common mistake to miss the accessory pack in the packaging, so be sure to look thoroughly through all packaging materials before saying there are missing parts.

After you have your gear: Make sure you unpack everything within a day or so of receiving it from the freight company. If there is hidden damage that you did not notice when you singed the BOL, we can still help you out if we know about it within 48 hours of delivery. 

And of course, if you have any questions about setting your board up, rigging your sail, assembling your foil, or anything else. Give us a call! We’re happy to help.

If you need any assistance feel free to contact us via email, call, or text

727.656.6569 | ✉

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