Windsurfing Mast Base Buyers Guide

The mast base, or mast foot is the piece that attaches to the board (and attaches the sail to the board). Most boards today have the same style of mast track Which may be shorter or longer depending on the
size and type of board:

This requires a standard type of base that
attaches with a brass nut that fits into
the track in the board.

The bendy joint of the mast foot is what makes a windsurfer different than a sail boat, and there are a couple of different kinds.

A mechanical joint is the easiest to
bend over, so works great for beginners who often have big wide boards
that are difficult to stand up on edge
in the water to attach the sail.

A u-joint (or rubber universal joint) is
like this, these are fairly easy to bend

A tendon, like this is stiffer, so more
difficult to bend over to attach the
sail to the board, but stronger and
lasts longer.

The Chinook Pro-Flex base combines a tendon style with a mechanical. If you are getting or have a foil board, this is the perfect mast base for you. The Chinook Pro Flex tendon is the same as the replacement for any Chinook tendon base which means easy replacement and compatibility.

Next we have the piece of the mast foot that attaches to the extension (that is in the bottom of the sail). There are two main variations, us cup (sometimes called base cup) and euro pin. It is really personal preference. We like the
euro pin as it is often easier to push one large button to disconnect the rig than two smaller ones. Whichever you have, be consistent! There is nothing worse than not having all of your gear be interchangeable!

US cup or base cup, fits in extension like this

Euro pin mast foot fits with extension like this

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