Review: Severne 2021 Foil Glide 2

This sail is meant for a small sail in a lighter wind and it is the junior IQ foil sail. It is not a race sail, however it is a foil sail meant to get you moving. This sail has five batons and three cambers which enables more low-end grunt. It can also have aContinue reading “Review: Severne 2021 Foil Glide 2”

How To: Attach My Uphaul to My Boom

It sounds as easy as it is! Watch Britt as he goes into detail about how to properly attach an uphaul to a boom. He even goes through how to attach an uphaul without a line already attached. Just a simple loop or a couple knots and you will be on your merry way! DoContinue reading “How To: Attach My Uphaul to My Boom”

How To: Rig a Kona Spark Rig

Whether it is your first time rigging your sail or if you need help on a certain step be sure to watch the video below as Britt takes you step by step on how to rig a Kona Spark Rig with ease. With only a short few steps we will have you out on theContinue reading “How To: Rig a Kona Spark Rig”

Review: 2021 Quatro Wing Drifter Wing Board

Thinking about getting the 2021 Quatro Wing Drifter Pro Foil Board V1.2? We have tested it out so you don’t have to! Overall, we have found that the different foot strap feature is excellent for riding both regular or switch stance. On the original Quatro Wing Drifter Pro Foil Board 2021 there is only oneContinue reading “Review: 2021 Quatro Wing Drifter Wing Board”

How To: Pump Your Sail Properly

Trying to learn how to properly pump your sail? Well, you are in the right place. Britt will take you through the steps of how to pump your sail and get going in less wind. Having the right gear and skills is necessary to pump, and if you are foiling the wing size matters too.Continue reading “How To: Pump Your Sail Properly”

Your Guide to Buying a Wetsuit

With the weather and the water getting cooler, it is time to consider how a wetsuit can extend your fun-in-the-water season!  Wetsuit technology has come a long way in the last decade or so, including designs that are specifically suited to windsurfing. Gone are the days when the thought of wrestling into your wetsuit wasContinue reading “Your Guide to Buying a Wetsuit”

What Kind of Windsurfing Board Should You Use?

Knowing the right windsurfing board size and style can make all the difference. A size too big or small will give you balance and control issues. One style of board may not be best suited to the kind of windsurfing you want to do. We’ve laid out a few tips, and our favorite recommendations, toContinue reading “What Kind of Windsurfing Board Should You Use?”

7 Tips for Beginner Windsurfers

It can be exciting when you first start windsurfing, but it’s not easy! Don’t let the small details ruin your fun.  Fortunately, with a few simple pointers, you can start improving quickly and have more fun. Here are some tips on improving your windsurfing so you can quickly move from beginner, all the way to advanced!Continue reading “7 Tips for Beginner Windsurfers”