Starboard Waterline Review

When we got our first batch of these boards last summer, they sold out almost immediately.  We knew these were going to be a favorite among flat-water paddlers, but we were unable to try one out for ourselves, until now, and we love this board!  The Water Line is everything you’d ever want in a touring board. 

Light-weight? ✓


Smooth ride? ✓

Effortless glide? ✓✓✓

These boards were designed to let you go out and have the most relaxing and enjoyable flat-water paddling experience, and it does exactly that.  The Water Line cuts through the water like butter.   The way the board is shaped (really narrow v-shaped nose and aggressive tail cut-outs) make this board effortlessly glide through the water so every paddle stroke gets you further.   These boards come in either a 28” or 30” width, and both widths are extremely stable.  Volume is packed on the side rails where you stand to help keep the board from feeling “tippy”.  There are foot markers printed on the deckpad that show you exactly where to stand, which is really important on this board.  If you stand too far back, the board will not glide or track as well as it should, so pay attention to the foot markers so you can fully enjoy the Waterline.  There are 2 different tie down points so you can easily secure your dry-bag or life jacket.  This board does great going straight, does great in turns, and does great when you push it go fast.  If flat-water touring is your thing, check out the Water Line, we know you’re going to love it as much as we do.  

Technical Specs: 

14’ x 30”  284 liters.  Designed for heavier riders and those who want even more stability.

14’ x 28”  259 liters.  Designed for riders up to 110 kilograms. 

12’6” x 28” 224 liters.  Designed for riders up to 90 kilograms.

Check out our video review below!

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