5 Questions on Buying a Windsurf Board

Buying a windsurfing board is an investment. It can be tricky—you want to find a board that you enjoy using, but you want to make sure you can afford it, too!

There’s a lot to think about. To help, we’ve put together this list of tips and guidance for purchasing a windsurf board.

1. What’s your experience level?

If you are new to windsurfing, you may want to consider buying a beginner board. In our experience, we find most beginners tend to progress with a larger board and smaller sail with lots of time on the water. Beginner boards are ‘high-volume’ boards, meaning they are bigger to help with stability while gaining experience and time on the water. Smaller boards are only suitable for higher winds and once you have mastered the required skills. It is generally not recommended to buy a small board to “grow into”. It could potentially make the learning process unnecessarily frustrating.

2. How will you choose to have fun with Windsurfing?

When deciding which board is right for you, first think about how you want to have your fun! If you are on a mission to go at high speeds with an adrenaline rush chilling down your spine, then a short board is ideal. Short boards vary in volume depending on your skill level and size. So, depending on your experience and future goals in windsurfing consider; your weight, the size of the board, and the conditions in which you will be sailing.

If you are looking to get into windsurfing on a more recreational level with less speed and more leisure, then looking at a bigger board such as a long board or Stand Up Paddle board (SUP) is the way to go! SUP’s are intended for paddle boarding use, but some models of SUP’s are also offered to fit a windsurfing rig as well.

Windsurfing is a versatile activity that can be adjusted to your lifestyle so whether you are an adrenaline junkie or a laid back “i just want to relax on the water” individual this can be for you! When you are choosing your board consider your future endeavors as it will be crucial to which board you pick.

All of the boards below are SUP boards that can be used as a Wind Surf board!

Fanatic AllWave

Tahe Breeze Wind SUP 11’6″

Windsurfer LT

3. What’s your size?

The size of the board must be relative to you. Conversely, if you are a small person you can use a smaller board that is easily maneuverable for you. If you are going to be sharing the board with different sized family members you will want to pick the board based on the size of the biggest person who will be using it. It is much easier for a small person to use a board that is bigger than than for a larger person to use a board that is too small!

The boards below are an optimal option because they come in various sizes. Contact us if you need help with figuring out which size is right for you.

4. How’s the water?

The conditions you will be windsurfing in play a big part in the size and type of board that you will want. If the water is rough, a larger board will help with stability when you are learning. However, once you have intermediate or better skills, you will want to coordinate the board size with the wind strength. A smaller board is ideal for rougher water and higher winds and a bigger board that will carry bigger sails when the winds are light. Your board will feel a bit bigger in saltwater than in fresh water, so you will want to take that into consideration as well.

5. What about the sail?

The sail needs to be compatible to your board, your size, and to the weather conditions. The most important thing to remember here is that there isn’t one size of sail that will work for you all the time. You will want a bigger sail in lighter wind and a smaller sail when the wind picks up. The size of the sail is also relative to the size of the windsurfer. In other words, bigger people will want bigger sails than smaller people. And as you improve, you will be able to use a larger sail in a given amount of wind.

Once you narrow in on a few types of boards, it’s a good idea to check them out in person. Better if you can find an expert to help! If you’re in the St. Pete or Tampa Bay area, come by our shop on St. Pete Beach and we’ll help you check out our collection and answer any questions you still have. You can also come out on a breezy day and try out a few different sizes of boards and sails to really figure out what will work best for you. We want to make sure you’re getting the right boards for your needs.

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