7 Tips for Beginner Windsurfers

It can be exciting when you first start windsurfing, but it’s not easy! Don’t let the small details ruin your fun.  Fortunately, with a few simple pointers, you can start improving quickly and have more fun.

Here are some tips on improving your windsurfing so you can quickly move from beginner, all the way to advanced!

Relax and Breathe!

Squeezing the boom harder won’t make you go any faster and trying to grip the board with your toes won’t make the board feel more stable. Relax your hands, relax your arms, and you’ll have a much better time. Likewise, holding your breath won’t make anything easier. By relaxing and remembering to breathe, you won’t wear out as fast and you’ll be able to stay out on the water practicing your moves even longer. And as an added bonus, when you are relaxed your balance will improve.

Surf in Onshore Winds

Instead of practicing when the wind is blowing offshore, go out when and where it will be easier for you. When the winds are blowing towards the shore, it makes it easier to get back to your starting point.  That way you can focus on your technique instead of being concerned with making it back to your car.

Keep your feet under your hips

Many people try to improve their balance by widening their stance.  Don’t do this!  Keeping your feet under your hips will actually improve your balance on the water.  If your stance gets too wide your weight will be unevenly distributed over the board and it makes it difficult to steer as well.  

Keep your head up

Look ahead to where you want to go. This is such a simple tip, but it makes a huge difference! Whenever you catch yourself staring down at your feet or at your hands, turn your attention to the horizon ahead instead.

Use a Small Sail…

When you are first starting, go for a smaller sail. They are easier to control than bigger sails, and you’ll be able to finesse your moves without fear of going too fast or getting overwhelmed. Plus, they are easier to pull out of the water and to travel with.

…But Go For a Bigger Board

Small boards are harder to balance on, as a beginner you will need all the help you can get. Big boards are more forgiving and work better in light wind.  You will need to find the right board and sail combo for your size, what is big for you may be small for a bigger person.  Find the right balance between the two (come by our shop and we can help you out!).

Abandon Fear

Being afraid won’t get you anywhere! You might not even realize that fear of falling is keeping you from committing 100% to moves, and your body is automatically pulling back. Go all in when you windsurf and you will get better and better in no time.

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