Beginner Windsurf Lesson from a Beginner’s Perspective

Are you curious about taking windsurfing lessons and want to learn more? Well here is what it feels like to windsurf from a beginner’s perspective.  In hindsight, I have never done water sports in my life before windsurfing.  If you were wondering if you need to be athletic to windsurf, you do not. A lot of people think you need a lot of upper body strength, but technique is more important.  The sail can feel heavy when you are pulling it out of the water, but in the first lesson you learn how to use the weight of your whole body to help you.

In the first lesson, you will learn sailing terminology as well as the first steps of windsurfing.  The instructors will familiarize you with the parts of the sail and board and walk you through each step on land.  Then you get to put your new knowledge to the test and get comfortable on the water.  Your instructor will allow you to get used to getting on and off the board as well as moving the sail in relation to the wind direction.

Learning to use the wind is key to successfully windsurf and to getting the board moving.  The instructors will then show you how to sheet in and out, meaning how to adjust the sail by moving the boom away from and towards your body.  Without getting overly technical, “sheeting” is the terminology windsurfers use to describe the action of capturing the wind in the sail. Once you get the basics, you will be cruising around on your own. It’s amazing how quick you can go from feeling really awkward on the board to almost comfortably sailing away, turning around and sailing back to the beach!

You will stick to the basics in the first lesson and spend quite a bit of time practicing on the water.  In the next lesson, you would move to a larger sail (so you can go faster) or perhaps learn to use a harness.  Harnesses are used in faster wind speeds and allow you to not rely on holding yourself up with your arms as much as you did during the first lesson.

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