How To: Rig a Kona Spark Rig

Whether it is your first time rigging your sail or if you need help on a certain step be sure to watch the video below as Britt takes you step by step on how to rig a Kona Spark Rig with ease. With only a short few steps we will have you out on the water in no time. This video can also help you with your own rig, it does not have to be a Kona Spark Rig! Do not forget to wipe off the sand on any two-piece mast so it does not stick together and become a single-piece mast.

Take care of your equipment and it will last you as long as you want to enjoy the stoke.

Take a look at our Kona Spark Rig and Package Deal below!

Kona Spark Rig
Windsurfer LT School w/ Spark Rig Package

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