Original Windsurfer Becomes Windsurfer LT

Old-school windsurfing is new again with the new Windsurfer LT boards and rigs. If you remember the glory days of windsurfing and you had a windsurfer One-Design, a Wayler, a Windglider, or a Mistral Superlight you will be delighted to know that the Windsurfer LT harkens back to those days.  Awesome glide in light wind, a killer platform for lightwind freestyle, and a growing one-design race class.  With a bit more width and less weight than the old boards, you will fall in love with windsurfing all over again.

The board comes in two different versions – the Race and the Flat Deck (which is also called the Freestyle or Beginner). The hull is exactly the same between the two versions. The only difference is the size of the daggerboard. Both versions have a modern a-box style mast track – so they are compatible with any modern windsurfing mast base.

-The Race has a larger daggerboard to allow you to sail higher angles up-wind. When retracted, the race daggerboard sticks up above the level of the deck of the board and has a fabric cover over it. 

-The Flatdeck has a smaller daggerboard so that even when it is retracted, the deck of the board is completely flat. The smaller daggerboard and the flat deck also make it easier to learn all the “old-school” freestyle tricks.

The Windsurfer LT is manufactured as “white board” which means that any brand can have it made under their name. So you will see the Windsurfer LT with different graphics and different brand names. We have the Mistral, Starboard, and Windsurfer brands available in the LT – the boards are identical except for graphics. 

The Windsurfer rig is almost identical to the original windsurfer rig – but with upgraded components that make it much easier to handle and rig. The sail is a 5.7m size, is just like the original from the early 80’s and comes in lots of fun colors. The mast now comes as a 2 piece, so it is easier to transport and store when you aren’t using it. The boom is aluminum with a modern clamp-on front end that attaches more securely to the mast than the original tie-on version. The mast base is a standard 1-bolt tendon style base. 

The Windsurfer also comes in the SC (or school edition) version. It is a shorter and wider board that makes learning to windsurf super easy.

Windsurfer LT
Windsurfer LT School Edition

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