Review: Severne 2021 Foil Glide 2

This sail is meant for a small sail in a lighter wind and it is the junior IQ foil sail. It is not a race sail, however it is a foil sail meant to get you moving. This sail has five batons and three cambers which enables more low-end grunt. It can also have a short boom and fits a 204 boom. The 160 to 210 Severne Enigma boom works great as well as the 170-220 boom. This sail can work in light winds even as light as 6 or 7 knots.

Below you can look at our selection of Severne Foil Glides as well as Severne Enigma booms.

Severne Foil Glide 2 (2021)
Severne Enigma Carbon Boom (2021)

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