Starboard Foils E-Type & S-Type

When wing foiling choosing the proper wing makes all the difference.

When choosing between the E and S-type wing sets here are a few key things about each of them. The E-type: the E is for efficient, it is fast, has maximum glide speed and is efficient with pumping and flying. The S-type: S is for surf, it is easier to use, is more forgiving in the waves and carves better. S-type is easier to maneuver and is the best for teaching beginners.

The E-type comes in two different sizes: 1700 and 1300. The 1700 lifts early and is workable in light winds (especially between 8 and 12 knots). The 1300 is much more maneuverable and faster, especially in 13 knots or higher.

Starboard Foil S-Type Front Wing
Starboard Foil S-Type Wing Set
Starboard Foil E-Type Front Wing
Starboard Foil E-Type Wing Set

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