What The Foil #1: What is Hydrofoiling?

Foiling is MAGIC. We’ll, it’s actually physics, but we prefer magic. Think of a foil as an underwater airplane and you are the pilot. The hydrofoil attaches to the bottom of a surf board. Your goal is to get the foil accelerating fast enough through the water to achieve take-off speed. Once you hit this speed (usually around 5-8 mph) the hydrofoil will start to lift you and the board up above the surface of the water, and if you’re a good pilot, you stay flying above the water!

Windsurf foiling in Florida.
Windsurf foiling allows you to feel weightless as you glide above the water.

It sounds simple, but there are a lot of complicated things that go into foiling and we can’t wait to get into the meat of it with this WTF series. Whether you are surf foiling, sup foiling, wind foiling or wing foiling, we are your foil headquarters. We really feel that foiling is the future of some water sports (did you know windsurf foiling is in the 2024 Olympics?) and it’s exciting to see where it’s going. Next week, we’re going to go over what parts make up a foil and what they do. Until then, happy flying!

Wing foiling in the Gulf of Mexico
Winging is a newer sport that capitalizes on the fun of foiling.

If you are interested in learning how to windsurf or wing foil, we can teach you. Give us a call or check out more information about lessons HERE.

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