Windsurfer SC – School Edition

The Windsurfer School Edition is a fantastic first windsurfing board. The length and width are designed to give the board great stability and ease of turning around. The construction is lightweight and durable and it is at an affordable price. 

There’s a good chance you learned how to windsurf with a Windsurfer LT, and you can credit the LT’s to being the board that got so many people addicted to windsurfing.  53 years later and we get those same great retro vibes paired with modern technology to make a whole new generation fall in love with windsurfing.  

The School Edition looks slightly different from its ancestor.   The board is shorter, wider and thick with volume, which are all great things for your first sailing experiences.  The stability you get from the 34” of width and 250 liters of volume make this board more forgiving as you learn proper foot placement and the importance of balance on the center line.  The board is just under 10 feet long which gives you an excellent glide across the water to get you planing earlier. The shorter length gives you a tighter turning radius, helping make those first jibes and tacks a breeze.  The board features a handle on both the nose and the tail so you and a friend can easily carry it down to the launch.  The EVA deckpad covers most of the board so there are no worries about shredding your knees or slipping off your board while you’re uphauling your sail.  It’s also nice if you’re throwing a little grom on the board with you so they have a nice place to sit while sailing around.  This board also comes with a daggerboard that you can easily kick up and down when needed for extra upwind and steering capabilities.  We use this board all the time for our beginner windsurf lessons, but that doesn’t mean that this is only great for your very first days on the water.  You’ll love this board as you progress into more intermediate skills.  We still love taking this board out for a spin whenever we can, and we know you’ll love it too.

The little details:

·        300cm long x 87 cm wide x 15.3 cm thick at 35 lbs

·        250 liters of volume

·        Comes with an 85 cm daggerboard, 30cm powerbox fin, vent screw and a tool free fin screw.

·        Durable

·        Light

·        Stable

Watch this video to learn more about the Windsurfer LT SC (School Edition)

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