Windsurfing on a Foil

Is foiling the future of windsurfing?

We’ve been playing around with foiling windsurfers for a few months now and are having a blast!  Although the idea of putting a hydrofoil on a windsurfer has been around for decades, the equipment has really only become viable in the last year or so.  We’ve been using the LP foil for several months, and have recently tested the Bic foil as well.  For light wind windsurfing, using a foil opens up a whole new world.  As long as you have the necessary water depth (about 4′), you only need about 6-7 knots of wind and a 7.5-8.0m freeride sail to be foiling!

Both of the foils that we have used are relatively easy to get up on the foil.  Everyone who has tried has gotten the board to foil on their first outing and stay upwind.  It does takes some practice to gain control of the board and to be able to stay up on the foil for a distance.  The crashes are less violent than we anticipated, because the sail is not super powered up you don’t get tossed around like you do in higher winds on a regular short board day.

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