Olympic Class Starboard IQ Foils

olympic class starboard foil set

The Olympic Class Starboard IQ Foils are here! The new 95 cm carbon mast has a higher grade of carbon so it is going to be stiffer than the regular 95 cm carbon mast. This helps with more stability in reaching and going upwind and downwind, allowing you to go faster with more control. In addition, the 900 millimeter front wing comes with the foil set and is sold separately. There is also the new 115 plus fuselage which comes with shims too, this can be tuned for winds between 5 and 30 knots. There is a 95 cm fuselage as well for higher winds and will help give you more control. Lastly, is the new 255 minus 2 tail wing that works with shims included with the 115 plus fuselage. We are excited about this new and coming gear and we hope you do too!

To book a lesson or hear more about the Olympic Class Starboard IQ Foils via phone or email at 727.656.6569 or info@nbwindsurfing.com

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